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First and foremost, Bad Wolf Chess Club is a place for all members to come to learn, practice and enjoy the game of chess. It is a place for people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and skill to come together over-the-board.

There is also an important social aspect to our in-person club. Our goal is to build the chess community by creating lasting friendships that can continue outside the club setting. Many members will connect for online play through or lichess between club meetings. They watch grandmaster games, discuss current chess events and key-games of grandmasters.

To grow, you must study your games, whether you won, lost or drew. We give all members a 'free' chess notebook to record their games in club, at home or at tournaments. When a member desires, we will review these games in pairs, in small groups or as a club. For those looking to analyze their games, club offers the perfect opportunity for members to learn together.

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Register here to start your Bad Wolf Chess Club membership. Bad Wolf Chess Club Registration

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Discounts for USCF Memberships

Bad Wolf Chess Club became a USCF Affiliate Club in March 2023.

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As a USCF Affiliate, we can help members and the local community with their NEW and/or RENEWAL USCF memberships. For every member that we generate NEW or RENEWAL USCF membership through our club, Bad Wolf Chess Club recieves a $3 commission from the USCF to help support the ongoing operation of the club.

Bad Wolf Chess Club realizes that $3 can be important to the budget of some of our members. To ensure equal access to chess, Bad Wolf Chess Club offers you the choice to either donate your $3 refund to Bad Wolf Chess Club or to request the $3 refund be returned to you upon successful completion of the USCF membership registration process.

Bad Wolf Chess Club depends on members like you for its ongoing support. To be eligible for the refund, you must successfully register your NEW or RENEWAL 1-yr or 2-yr Individual USCF membership application through Bad Wolf Chess Club. For Family and Lifetime memberships, please register online at USCF; Family and Lifetime memberships are not eligible for an Affiliate discount.

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New or Renew USCF Membership

Bad Wolf Chess Club encourages all of its club members to become USCF members. To learn more about how a USCF membership is beneficial to you, please check out the USCF website for a full list of member benefits and for current USCF Membership rates.

Additional USCF Discounts - Grades K-12

Local Schools (Public, Private, Independent, Home-School), and School Districts

If you run a chess club at a local school or through a school disctrict, as a USCF Affilitate Club, Bad Wolf Chess Club can help you register annual USCF memberships for your members at a 35-55% discount. These additional discounts require the purchase of a minimum 25 student-memberships per request (Grades K-12 only).

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